Long Term Support for mojoPortal

We'll be here for a while...

As you may know, Joe Audette, founder and chief developer of mojoPortal, has announced that he will no longer be developing mojoPortal. He is moving on to a new project built with newer technology (MVC) and as it's not easy to dedicate oneself to two different projects he is focusing on the new project, cloudscribe.

Cloudscribe is built using ASP.NET MVC whereas mojoPortal was built using ASP.NET WebForms. Instead of trying to retrofit MVC with mojoPortal, Joe Audette's new project aims to take the 10 years of lessons learned from mojoPortal development and build a new system, from the ground up, using modern techniques. It's a big and wonderful endeavor; one that I am eager to help with and see grow.

In the 7+ years I have known Joe and worked with mojoPortal i7MEDIA has become the most trusted and experienced mojoPortal consultancy in the world. We have happy clients on every continent except Antarctica ranging in size from small start-ups to major international corporations and organizations. We've built and helped others build hundreds of mojoPortal sites. Most of our projects involving mojoPortal are still operational and we're adding more even as I'm writing this post.

Technology moves fast and that's a good thing but sometimes it can move at a pace which can cause businesses to lose money if they're not careful. Whether a small company spends a few thousand dollars to build a nice website and customer portal or a large one spends several thousand dollars, scrapping what they have and building new just because there's a new technology (or even not new but more popular) doesn't make business sense.

As a technology-driven firm, i7MEDIA is already using MVC and other 'newer' technologies in some projects. At the same time, we have a lot of clients who are using perfectly good and reliable WebForms systems like mojoPortal. We take a great deal of pride in the support we provide to our clients so we will be supporting and even providing enhancements to mojoPortal until we don't have any clients needing it anymore. After speaking with several of our clients over the past couple of months I can tell you, definitively, that we'll be supporting mojoPortal for quite a long while and that's fine by me and my team of mojoPortal experts.

As an example of our commitment to mojoPortal, we've started compiling a list of adjustments and feature enhancements for the mojoPortal core. We'll be publishing this list in the next few weeks and you can start submitting your own requests using the comments area of this blog post.

So, if you're using mojoPortal already and you are looking for support, we will help you. If you're considering using mojoPortal because of its rich feature set, we will help you. Contact us today so we can help you!

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Nov 23, 2015
Joe Davis (no relation)
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Thank you for your commitment..

Nov 21, 2015

Joe had announced it in several places on the mojo site. I don't think he posted a blog though.

We have had several clients ask us to clarify our support of mojoPortal recently which is why I wrote this post.

Nov 21, 2015
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Really? I did not know, when it was announced? So sad...